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Full Version: Major Release!
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9/8/19 Major Update
Change log
I would like to thank AbusedCookies for helping me witht his release!
We have spent many hours configuring new settings
We hope you enjoy!
  • Global Permissions:
    • Without giving away too much security information... we now have setup a dedicated database server on my local network to handle all of the permission nodes and servers!
  • Global messages (use ! <message> without the /)
    • Example: ! this is a global message!
  • So, you might be thinking, wow.. you call it a major release but only added 2 things? You're wrong, I (And Cookies) have personally spent about 4 hours doing this properly and making sure the permissions never fail, for anyone! All the VIP, VIP+, and LEGEND ranks are now working perfectly in Kit-PVP and the perm nodes are also perfect! We have added a lot more then just these 2 things listed above, but for security reasons I'm not telling you about them Smile Everyone who has VIP ranks will have to ask one of our staff to give the rank back, because we cannot do it while you are offline unfortunately, same applies with staff! (Builders, Helpers, Moderators, Developers, Every rank..), if you spot an error please post it in the bug reports section. (no need to create an account, this section has guest posts enabled)