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Server Software: Tekkit Classic Amplified
Server Version: 1.7.10

ClipzZCraft is back with a bang 🚀

Join our server and experience a unique lag free gaming session with hundreds of preinstalled mods! There is no limit to what you can do on our server. Create nuclear reactors, mass weapons of destruction, automatic mining and production machines plus more all in conjunction with our extremely friendly staff and community.

Excellent Staff

Our server developers listen to you! Want a new addition? Consider it done. Need help? We are available 24/7!

Rocket Fast Server

ClipzZCraft is a sub-project of JDP Networks. We have hundreds of dedicated resources on hand 24/7 to create a completely lag free experience.

Minecraft Community

The ClipzZCraft community is probably the most friendly collection of gamer’s we have ever seen.. join them!

tekkit classic amplified

Your unique gaming experience

Tekkit Classic Amplified Server

Top features

Join the ClizZCraft community today! Having trouble getting logged in? The setup is a little different to vanilla Minecraft.. but the setup is still simple and only takes 30 seconds! Learn how below:

PVP Enabled

Be careful! PVP is enabled on our Tekkit Class Survival server!


Explore hundreds of mods on our Tekkit Class Amplified Server!


Looking for an addition? Let us know! We are always looking to expand.


Tekkit has thousands of additional items including power tools! Hint; they are very fun to use!